virtual in house


The team at OneFish Creative integrates seamlessly with your marketing department to ensure that all of your design work is completed within your brand specifications, quickly, and accurately.

The OneFish Creative virtual in-house agency is the solution.​

Hiring an in-house graphic designer is a big step for many companies. Having someone solely dedicated to helping your marketing department or marketing team deploy your plan is a great way to ensure that everything gets done the way you need it. But hiring internally comes with a significant cost, and it is hard to find reliable, experienced designers that excel equally in branding, print, web and digital media like video and custom illustration. 

By adding the OneFish Creative team to your marketing department, you get decades of design experience for a fraction of the cost of an intermediate level designer. The variety of experience that our senior design team brings is available to you when you need it.

We know how to build a brand successfully within the parameters of a corporate brand while still staying creative.

You can access the skill sets required for any project from our entire team of designers. 

  • Building corporate collateral efficiently and accurately.
  • Expertly creating large format artwork that prints without issue. 
  • Developing custom-illustrated infographics that highlight your unique service offering.
  • Building a custom library of corporate icons for on-going internal use.
  • Design and execution of complex print and digital ad campaigns consisting of multiple ad sizes and platforms.
  • Website development or maintenance
  • Corporate video editing or animation

When we design for print, not only is the experience of the reader considered, but also how the piece works. Does the fold make sense? How close content is to the edges of the page? Is the font and size appropriate for the audience? Are the brand colours represented accurately in Spot and CMYK? Is all of the artwork the correct resolution for the printed product?

This level of experience and care is what sets our print work apart.

Our virtual in-house services also let you manage all your projects with a single point of contact. Our project managers will find the best designer for your project and will ensure that your priorities are kept up to date and that everything gets done on time – or ahead of time! We will work with your existing project management system (like Asana, Monday, or Teamwork) or we can help implement a project tracking system for you within our software.

Our goal is to get your messaging out to your audience consistently and with ease, and to support your department in any way you need – seamlessly