The OneFish Approach design strategy keeps your messaging on target and maximizes timelines and budgets.

OneFish Creative partners with you to develop a strategic design plan alongside a visual language to represent your company’s personality. This way, you can effectively communicate YOUR message to YOUR customers.

step | one

Who are you?

Explore who you are – both as the person who created this business as well as who the business is (HINT: the tie between these two things is HUGELY important).

step | two

Who are you talking to?

Define who your audience is, where they are and where are they most likely find you. What do they like? What really makes them passionate about what you are doing? What problem do you solve for them?

step | three

What do you need?

We discuss what sort of marketing materials you need to produce. We will also audit and assess any existing marketing materials you may have in order to gauge how aligned with the discoveries made in the first two steps they are.

step | four

What are your goals?

Reveal and clarify what you hope to achieve with your new visual brand in 3 months, 1 year and 5 years. This is where the dreaming happens. What do you envision your business becoming? Let’s paint that picture together.

step | five

The plan

Develop a detailed plan around how achieve your goals while maximizing budgets and timelines. We determine what will have the biggest impact on your business now, and plan to build the rest in a way that suits you and your budget.

Together, let's reveal the heart of your brand