A company is its own unique entity – its own person, if you will. Just like a person is more than their face or clothes, your corporate identity is more than a logo.

Step one

Every logo development begins with a kick off session based on Step one of the OneFish Approach. Through an in-person meeting or video chat, we help to review and clarify who your business is, what you do, who you serve and identifies your unique position within your industry.

Step two

Our team of designers then takes that information and begins research and concept development. Our concepts are then presented to you with the rationale behind each one along with sample colour palettes to help you visualize how colour can be applied.

Step three

Based on your feedback and our collaborative discussions, we work through any revisions until the final logo is approved.


Step four

A full set of logo files for online and print use will be prepared along with a use guide sheet that outlines the approved logo uses, your colour palette and brand fonts so that you have everything you need to help you ensure that your visual brand identity is used consistently as you develop the rest of your marketing materials.